Toenail Reconstruction

If you have any abnormal nail condition, causing you embarrassment, anxiety and lack of confidence, help is at hand. Toenail reconstruction can totally change the look of your feet and boost your self esteem.

Treatable conditions include:-

• Thick unsightly nails
• Partial spikes or tufts following nail surgery
• Discoloured nails
• Fungal nails
• Traumatised nails.
• If you are Diabetic, male or female
• People with no nail at all
• Cracked nails

Nail reconstruction is not a permanent solution, however you can expect the nail to last between 4 and 6 weeks. Everyone is different and the replacement time will vary from person to person depending on the existing nail condition, growth and so on.

Suffer no longer, book yourself an appointment and give nail reconstruction a go!

Don’t suffer, call Julie Larner MCFHP MAFHP IIHHT on 07939 563 890