Diabetic Footcare

Diabetes is a disease that has devastating effects on the feet as well as the body, medically, socially and economically.
In severe untreated cases Diabetes can lead to amputation, ulceration and life threatening problems that can be avoided with regular neurological and vascular assessments, ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Diabetics are also at a greater risk of ulceration and infection if suffering from Hammer Toe, Claw Toe, Mallet Toe, Hallux Valgus (known as a bunion), and even a simple corn in a diabetic neuropathic foot, which all require monitoring to avoid potential serious problems developing.

I offer diabetes support advice, treatments and monitoring:

Neuro-Vascular Assessments

Patient Education – Daily Footcare, Shoe Wear, Lifestyle Advice, Awareness.

If you are Diabetic, care about your well being, would like to have professional monitoring and support, are concerned or just need advice, give Julie a call on 07939 563 890 or complete the contact form and book an appointment today.

Live life, the best you can be.